Llaeth 💦💦

Llaeth is an experimental live movement / dance piece which attempts to explore the relationship the male body once had with that of the Mother’s body. Why is breastfeeding seen as a taboo in some sections of our society? Why is the Mother revered but yet equally repressed when it comes to women in the workplace?

Psychoanalytic theory tells us that prior to our acceptance in the so called Symbolic order of language and society we were at one with our Mother’s female body, living without judgement and repression.

When we become aware of our own identity and the rules which help construct it, the Mother and her body is rejected in order to find our own sense of self. Therefore anything which can be associated with the feminine body can now be as abject or taboo. It disturbs, disrupts and transgresses the boundaries of order. Can the truth be found in the body/energy of the Mother? The Mother we have rejected in order to be subjects.

Performed at Chapter Arts Centre on the 7th May 2016 and then in YIRRAMBOI Festival in Melbourne 2017.

Set Designer/Stage Manager: Nia Morris

Dramaturg: Harrison Rose

Images: Jorge Lizalde

Generously supported by the Arts Council of Wales.